Northern German Emigrants


About Them:

Describes several regional emigrant databases created and supported by Routes to the Roots. These databases contain information on individuals who emigrated from specific regions in Germany to the United States in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The specific databases mentioned in your message include:

  1. DELAUS – an online database containing approximately 1,000 names and detailed indications of origin of individuals who emigrated from the old Delmenhorst office between 1830 and 1930.
  2. CUXAUS – an online database listing approximately 5,000 records of emigrants to America from what is now the district of Cuxhaven between approximately 1830 and 1930.
  3. CLAUS – an online database listing around 6,000 data sets with precise indications of origin from the districts of Vechta and Cloppenburg, which are among the most important emigration regions in north-western Germany, for the period between 1830 and around 1875.
  4. Bad Laer – an online database system for emigration from Bad Laer, a town in the Osnabrück region that saw an above-average number of emigrants to America in the 19th century, created as part of the Bad Laer-Teutopolis project.

In addition, it seems that these databases contain detailed place name information related to the emigrants and their places of origin in Germany. Visitors to the databases may access this information to help with their genealogical research or to learn more about the emigration patterns and history of these regions in Germany.