Many Prussian/GermanGenealogy Help


About Them:

Mark Rabideau of ManyRoads is pleased to enumerate his genealogy expertise as well as his genealogical memberships, affiliations, and associations.


  • Created and maintain the one of the Internet’s single, largest individually owned and managed repositories of Prussian  genealogy source documentation (biased towards West Prussia, East Prussia and Pomerania); the archives include maps, source documents, histories, guidance, and photographs
  • Created and maintain one of the Internet’s most robust Prussian (Germany & Poland & Shoah) Research Support pages.
  • 20+ years genealogical experience
  • Adopted & Supported three (3) FamilySearch Wiki pages (discontinued in 2016): Westpreußen-West Prussia – Ostpreußen-East Prussia – Pommern-Pomerania
  • Developed and maintain the (now defunct) Shoah Statistics website.
  • Create & maintain numerous Internet-based genealogical environments (including Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society, Columbine Genealogical & Historical Society)
  • Author of hundreds of genealogy articles.
  • Developer of numerous Genealogical Meta-search Web Search Engines
  • Mark’s full career bio is available on LinkedIn

Major Areas of Genealogical Expertise:

  • Central & Eastern European Heir Research
  • East & West Prussia, Pomerania, Posen, Silesia (pre-1946 formerly Eastern Germany, now largely parts of Poland, Russia, Lithuania)
  • Shoah (Holocaust) Jewish Research
  • Pre-1946 Germany & Prussia
  • Prussian Mennonites
  • Swiss-Alsatian Mennonites-Amish
  • Eastern European German Diaspora
  • New France (Quebec)
  • Upstate New York & Vermont
  • South Eastern Iowa
  • Genealogy Supportive Technologies, Websites, etc.
  • Name “morphing”-  dealing with imprecise or inaccurate Names