How I Found a Mystery Prussian Town – and How You Can Too!


About Article:

The webpage at is a blog post by Katherine Schober, a professional German-English translator who specializes in genealogy and is the owner of SK Translations. The post is about the process of discovering the birthplace of one’s German-speaking ancestors when the town or village is unknown or difficult to identify.

The post provides helpful tips and resources for finding the mystery town, including researching passenger lists, naturalization papers, church records, and other historical documents. It also recommends contacting local genealogy societies or hiring a professional genealogist if necessary.

Throughout the post, Schober shares personal stories of successful and unsuccessful attempts to find mystery towns for her clients, and provides examples of the types of information that can be gleaned from various types of records. The post is geared towards those who are just beginning their genealogical research or who have hit a roadblock in their research, but it also includes useful information for more experienced researchers.