GlobalGenSearch Meta search engine


About Them:

GlobalGenSearch is a meta search engine designed specifically for genealogy research. Meta search engines allow users to search multiple databases and websites simultaneously, providing a convenient way to search for information across a range of sources.

GlobalGenSearch searches over 1.3 billion records from over 3,000 genealogy websites and databases, including popular sources such as FamilySearch, Ancestry, and MyHeritage, as well as many lesser-known sources. The search engine provides a single interface for searching across these multiple sources, saving time and effort for genealogists and family historians.

GlobalGenSearch also offers advanced search capabilities, allowing users to filter their searches by location, date range, record type, and other criteria. This can help users quickly narrow down their search results and find the information they need.

Overall, GlobalGenSearch is a powerful tool for genealogy research, providing a convenient way to search across a wide range of genealogy databases and websites.


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