Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1500-1971


About Them:

This collection contains parish registers from numerous Protestant communities and military garrisons found in former or modern German territories. The records are largely organized according to historical regions and church districts that may differ from current affiliations. These parish records primarily contain information about births and baptisms, marriages, and deaths and burials. This project was done in partnership with

“Deutschland, ausgewählte evangelische Kirchenbücher 1500-1971.” Database. FamilySearch. : 9 December 2022. Records extracted and images digitized by German Lutheran Collection, various parishes, Germany.


Parish registers, Protestant communities, military garrisons, German territories, historical regions, church districts, birth records, baptism records, marriage records, death records, burial records, partnership,, “Deutschland, ausgewählte evangelische Kirchenbücher 1500-1971,” database, FamilySearch, records extraction, image digitization, German Lutheran Collection, various parishes, Germany