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Located in Leipzig, an extensive collection of German church records from Posen, Ostpreußen, Westpreußen, Pommern, and Schlesien

The State Archives of Saxony, or Staatsarchiv Sachsen in German, is a public institution responsible for collecting, preserving, and providing access to records and documents related to the history of Saxony, a state in eastern Germany. The archives’ collection spans over 1,000 years of history, from the early Middle Ages to the present day.

The archives’ holdings include a wide variety of materials, such as administrative records from government agencies, court records, land registers, tax records, church records, and other documents that offer insights into the social, economic, cultural, and political history of Saxony. The archives also hold a significant collection of maps, photographs, and audiovisual materials, including film and sound recordings.

The Staatsarchiv Sachsen website serves as a gateway to the archives’ holdings and services. The website is available in German and English and provides information on how to access the archives’ collections, including information on how to search the archives’ online database, which includes over two million entries, and request access to physical materials for research purposes.

The archives’ digital holdings include a growing number of digitized materials, such as historical maps, photographs, and select collections of documents. The website provides access to these digitized materials, which can be browsed and searched online.

In addition to its research and archival services, the State Archives of Saxony also offers a range of educational and cultural programs, including exhibitions, lectures, and guided tours. The website provides information on upcoming events and activities and resources for educators, including teaching materials and lesson plans.

Overall, the Staatsarchiv Sachsen website is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the history of Saxony and the role that archives play in preserving and making accessible historical records and documents.


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