Deutsche Zentralstelle für Genealogie (German Central Office for Genealogy)


About Them:

The website is a German-language wiki dedicated to genealogy and family research. The specific page you mentioned, “Deutsche Zentralstelle für Genealogie,” refers to the Deutsche Zentralstelle für Genealogie (DZfG), which is a German government agency responsible for collecting and preserving genealogical records.

The DZfG was founded in 1952 in Leipzig, Germany, and since 1990 it has been located in Sankt Augustin near Bonn. Its mission is to collect and preserve genealogical records related to Germans and their ancestors, especially those who were displaced or expelled from their homes during World War II and its aftermath.

The DZfG maintains a vast collection of records, including church records, civil records, military records, and other genealogical resources. Its records cover a wide range of geographic areas, including Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia, and other parts of Europe.

The DZfG is open to the public, but access to some records may be restricted due to privacy laws. Researchers can apply for permission to access these records, and the DZfG provides assistance to those who need help with their genealogical research.

Overall, the DZfG plays an important role in preserving the historical and cultural heritage of Germany and its people, and it is a valuable resource for anyone interested in genealogy and family history research.


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