MIGGS Newsletter – Fall 2022, Version 1, Issue 1

In 2022, after missing the last meeting of 2021 and the first one of 2022, MIGGS is emerging with a new board and new ideas. The board has come out of that period with a keen desire to take the next step to solidifying the society’s future. The board decided that since we are a statewide society, we will continue with virtual meetings, via Zoom. Many of our members are from around the state and we want to provide access to programs for all our members.

One change that needs to be brought to our reader’s attention is that our meetings will now be held on the second Monday of September, November, March, and May at 7:30 p.m.

Members will automatically receive Zoom invitations for their use. If non-members would like to attend our virtual meetings they need to email information@miggs.org for the invite. All meetings are free and open to the public at this time – that policy will be re-evaluated at a later date.

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