Seven things you need to know about German church records


About Article:

The webpage at provides information on German church records, which are a valuable genealogical resource for those researching their German ancestors.

The article explains seven key things that researchers need to know about German church records, including:

  1. The history of German church records and the role they played in tracking births, marriages, and deaths.
  2. The importance of understanding the religious and political context in which the records were created.
  3. The different types of church records that exist, including baptismal, marriage, and burial records, as well as confirmation and church membership records.
  4. The types of information that can be found in church records, including names, dates, and locations, as well as information on parents, sponsors, witnesses, and other relatives.
  5. The challenges of reading and interpreting old German script and handwriting.
  6. The importance of using church records in conjunction with other sources, such as civil registration records, census records, and military records.
  7. The availability of church records online and through other resources, such as FamilySearch and archives in Germany.

Overall, the article provides a helpful introduction to German church records and the key things that researchers need to know in order to use them effectively in their genealogical research.