Historic German-American newspapers



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The website http://www.theancestorhunt.com/blog/historic-german-american-newspapers-online#.XDmOI1xKhPY appears to be a blog post listing various online resources for accessing historic German-American newspapers.

The Ancestor Hunt is a website focused on helping genealogists and family historians find and access various types of historical records. The blog post in question is specifically focused on providing links to online collections of German-American newspapers from various regions of the United States.

The post provides a brief introduction to the importance of German-American newspapers in genealogical research, noting that they often contain information such as obituaries, birth and marriage announcements, and local news. It then goes on to list and link to various online collections of German-American newspapers, including both free and subscription-based resources.

Overall, the blog post is a useful resource for anyone interested in researching their German-American ancestors and provides a starting point for accessing historic newspapers online.