Jacob LentzSpeaks: Rescue From the Death Ship



About Article:

The website dna-explained.com/2018/10/07/jacob-lentz-speaks-rescue-from-the-death-ship-52-ancestors-211/ appears to be an article or blog post about the life of Jacob Lentz and his rescue from the “death ship” during World War II.

The website describes how Jacob Lentz was a German immigrant living in the United States during World War II, and how he was traveling back to Germany to visit family when he was trapped on a ship that was being used to transport prisoners of war.

The article goes on to explain how Lentz and other civilians on the ship were mistreated by the German guards, and how they were eventually rescued by American soldiers after the ship was mistakenly bombed by American planes.

The website also includes information about Lentz’s life before and after his experience on the death ship, including his family history and his experiences as a German immigrant in the United States.

Overall, the website appears to be a personal account of a dramatic and harrowing experience in the life of Jacob Lentz, as well as a reflection on the broader experiences of German immigrants and their families during World War II