Internet Resources for Finding 19th Century German Emigrants


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The website you mentioned, “,” is a genealogy website that provides access to various historical records and resources. The specific page you mentioned, “Internet Resources for Finding 19th Century German Emigrants,” is a wiki page on the website that provides information and resources for genealogists and researchers who are interested in tracing the emigration of German ancestors in the 19th century.

The wiki page includes a variety of resources, including online databases, books, and websites that can be used to locate information about German emigrants from the 19th century. The resources cover a wide range of topics, including passenger lists, naturalization records, and immigrant aid societies.

The wiki page is intended to be a helpful starting point for genealogists who are researching their German ancestors who emigrated in the 19th century. It provides information and links to various online resources that can be used to locate historical records and other information related to emigration.