German Minority Census,1939


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The website you mentioned, “,” is a genealogy website that provides access to various historical records, including census records. The specific page you mentioned, “German Minority Census, 1939,” is a collection of census records from 1939 that provides information about the ethnic makeup of certain areas in Germany at the time.

The census was conducted by the German government to identify people who were considered to be minorities, including Jews, Roma, and Sinti. The census records provide information about individuals’ names, ages, occupations, and ethnic backgrounds, as well as information about their families and residences.

The German Minority Census of 1939 can be a useful resource for genealogists and researchers who are interested in learning more about their family history and ethnic background in Germany during this time period. However, it is important to note that the census was conducted under the Nazi regime and was used to identify and persecute minority groups, so the records should be approached with sensitivity and caution.