Genealogy Records from Nazi Germany


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Many charts go back into the mid-1700’s but NARA’s records aren’t indexed

The website is a page on the Family Tree Magazine website that provides information and resources for researching German genealogy. The page specifically focuses on the challenges and opportunities associated with researching German family history, particularly in light of the destruction and displacement caused by World War II and the subsequent division of Germany into East and West.

The page provides several articles and resources that can help researchers trace their German ancestry, including tips on researching German records, suggestions for finding German ancestors who emigrated to the United States, and an overview of the German Emigration Database, a resource that can be used to search for information about German emigrants who left the country between the 18th and early 20th centuries.

The page also features a link to a free downloadable guide titled “Trace Your German Roots Online,” which offers additional tips and advice for researching German ancestry online. The guide covers topics such as using German-language genealogy websites, searching for German ancestors on American genealogy websites, and leveraging social media and other online tools to connect with other researchers.

Overall, the website provides valuable information and resources for anyone interested in researching their German ancestry, including those who may be facing the unique challenges associated with researching German family history in the aftermath of World War II and the division of Germany.