Deciphering Old German Handwriting


About Article:

The website is a blog post on the website of SK Translations, a genealogy translation and research service. The blog post provides tips for reading and interpreting old German handwriting, which can be especially useful when researching genealogy or working with historical documents.

The post provides 20 specific tips for deciphering old German handwriting. These tips range from understanding the basic structure of German letters and knowing common abbreviations, to understanding how German language rules and customs can affect how words are spelled and written.

The tips are accompanied by examples of old German handwriting, which are used to illustrate how the tips can be applied in practice. The post also includes a helpful chart that shows the different variations of each letter in the old German handwriting style known as Kurrentschrift.

Overall, the post on SK Translations is a comprehensive and practical resource for anyone who is interested in deciphering old German handwriting. Whether you are researching your family history or working with historical documents, the tips provided in this post can help you better understand and interpret the handwriting you encounter.