A short story of the German census



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The website https://www.beyond-history.com/english-beyond-history-blog/article/2019/09/13/a-short-story-of-german-census/ is a blog post on Beyond History, a historical research and consultancy firm that provides genealogical and historical research services to individuals, organizations, and institutions.

The blog post titled “A Short Story of German Census” provides an overview of the history of census-taking in Germany, starting from the early modern period to the present day. The post highlights the importance of census records for genealogical research and provides information on how to access and interpret these records.

The post explains that census records in Germany were first collected in the 18th century and were used primarily for taxation and military purposes. In the 19th century, census-taking became more systematic and included more detailed information about individuals and households, such as names, ages, occupations, and places of birth.

The post also discusses the challenges of accessing and interpreting German census records, such as the lack of a centralized database and the destruction of many records during World War II. The post provides tips and resources for researchers looking to access and use census records in their genealogical research.

Overall, the website https://www.beyond-history.com/english-beyond-history-blog/article/2019/09/13/a-short-story-of-german-census/ provides a useful resource for anyone interested in learning more about the history of census-taking in Germany and how to use census records for genealogical research.