12 Best German Genealogy Websites



About Article:

The webpage on the Family Tree Magazine website, which provides a list of German genealogy websites. The webpage is a free resource and does not require a subscription to access.

The webpage provides links to various German genealogy websites, which may include databases, archives, forums, and other resources that can help individuals research and discover information about their German ancestry. Some of the websites listed may be in German, so knowledge of the language may be helpful for navigating and using these resources effectively.

The webpage may also provide brief descriptions or explanations of each website listed, highlighting key features or benefits that may be of interest to those researching German genealogy. Additionally, the webpage may offer tips or advice on how to effectively use these websites to conduct genealogy research and locate information about one’s German ancestors.

Overall, the webpage is a resource for individuals interested in researching their German ancestry, providing links to various online resources and tools that can aid in the discovery and documentation of their German heritage.