Deutsche Verwaltungsgeschichte – German admin history


About Them:

This site was reconstructed from the Wayback Machine website to reflect the original data! It is currently monitored by the Many Roads website.

The website you mentioned,, appears to be a resource for researching the administrative history of towns and cities in Germany.

The website was maintained by Dr. Michael Rademacher, who is a historian and genealogist specializing in German local history. The website contains a vast collection of resources and information on the administrative history of German towns and cities, including historical maps, directories, and other documents.

One of the main features of the website is an extensive database of historical administrative units in Germany, such as counties, districts, and municipalities. The database allows users to search for information on specific towns and cities and provides details on the administrative units they were part of over time.

In addition to the database, the website also provides information on historical political, religious, and social structures in Germany, as well as resources for genealogical research, such as directories and archives.

Overall, the website is a valuable resource for anyone interested in researching the history of towns and cities in Germany, including genealogists, historians, and other researchers.


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